Dr Chris Morton

Dr Chris Morton; Your Trusted Sunshine Coast Medical Professional

Dr Chris Morton

Dr Chris Morton graduated from Medical School at the University of Queensland in 1981. After graduation he completed his residency at Nambour General Hospital. 

He then went on to work as the superintendent of Aramac Hospital in Western Queensland. Due to this, it provided Dr Chris with a broad range of experience in managing medical and surgical operations. In his country practice he also gained experience in performing diverse surgical procedures. These included skin cancer surgery and vasectomy procedures, which he has been performing ever since. As a result, he has improved upon the original techniques which he was taught. 

He currently lives on the Sunshine Coast, where he has been providing family medicine, skin cancer and vasectomy services for the last 30 years.

His outstanding care, knowledge and excellence has consequently made him a sought after doctor in the local region.

Outside his working hours, Dr Chris is an authentic Aussie. He is interested in all water sports (ie. jet skiing, surfing, SUP and wind surfing), motorbike rides with his mates and a relaxing coffee at Mooloolaba. 

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